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martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Zendaya Coleman Nos Twitteó!

@Zendaya96 hoy nos contesto un Twitt, como ya saben les contamos las pequeñas cosas que nos ocurren, y estamos muy felices de que una vez más un famoso haya prestado atención a nuestro Twitter para twittearnos o RT, si no nos estas siguiendo, ayudanos! Follow @iLetsGetGoddess

Thank u Zendaya! #loveu2

2 comentarios:

  1. She things she's all that because she's famous why didn't she say that when she wasn't famous if she wasn't famous right now and another girl was in her place she wont be saying every where she goes I 1 I could be famous right now

  2. Zendaya it's all ways saying I'm famous but if I'm her I wouldn't be saying that because other people are gonna fill bad because they're not famous like her and they don't have all the clothing makeup or shoes or all the things that she has being famous doesn't make you nothing it just make you be more mean than you all ready are being famous makes you be nothing because you don't have anything in this world.